5" Fusion Handle - GT1047


This 5″ Fusion Handle is used with Blue Max, Clear Max, Orange Crush, and Clear Crush squeegee blades (not included) to install various window films (flat and auto). It is made of a composite plastic, making it durable and rugged for years of use, and features a rubber hand grip for comfort.

It is just like GT1058 but with a 2.5″ longer handle. The longer handle is convenient where space is not a premium.

Use with the following squeegee blades:
-5″ Blue Max (GT117 & GT117A)
-5″ Clear Max (GT203)
-5″ Orange Crush (GT258 & GT259)
-5″ Clear Crush (GT2102 & GT2103)


2 in stock (can be backordered)

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