Gator Blade 1 - GT1049

The Gator Blade 1 is a plastic alternative to traditional stainless steel razor blades. It can be used to remove tint, decals, and leftover adhesives without scratching glass.

Gator Blade 1’s plastic construction allows it to conform easily to curved glass, making it a good tool to use around defroster lines. It can also be used to push down fingers and remove creases.

Use where traditional metal blades would otherwise scratch the surface.

Pair with Gator Blade 2 (GT1050), which has a different shape, to cover all the bases.

Product Size: 3.4″ X 3.5″

Made in the USA!

*Be sure to exercise caution when using a blade. Remember that any blade can scratch glass, even if labeled as safe for glass.


5 in stock (can be backordered)

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