Windshield Skin Maintenance Wipe - Individual - Bray Wipe Single

Bray Maintenance Wipes are specifically designed to preserve the life and durability of Super Stretch Windshield Skin.

With regular maintenance, your windshield protection film will maintain its clear, transparent appearance for years to come.

Material Durability: Because windshield protection film is installed on the outside, the material will experience more wear and tear than an interior applied window tint. Bray’s maintenance wipes contain rejuvenating agents that restore the film to help maintain its durability.

UV Protection & Anti-Yellowing: The sun’s harsh UV rays can cause damage and discoloration to materials over time. Bray’s maintenance wipes include advanced UV protection agents that act as a barrier against UV rays, helping to prevent premature aging and yellowing.

Water & Dirt Repelling: Bray’s maintenance wipes contain hydrophobic and dirt-repellent properties. This helps rainwater, mud, and debris slide off the surface, helping to ensure a clean and clear windshield.

Using a maintenance wipe is simple and should be done every 6-8 car washes.


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