Bray Windshield Protection

Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin

Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin is an optically clear film that is installed on a windshield to help protect it from cracking or breaking from road debris, saving you the hassle and inconvenience of windshield replacement.
Windshield damage happens to so many people that windshield replacement is a billion dollar a year industry in the US. But the truth is that it is an expense and inconvenience to replace a windshield.

First, most replacement windshields aren’t the same glass that was originally installed by your car’s manufacturer.

Second, after replacement, your car may need to be taken to the dealership for recalibration, especially if it has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Third, many replacement windshields are not installed properly and are prone to leaking.

Finally, once your car’s original windshield has been replaced, even with OEM glass, the structural integrity of the car’s original factory seal may be compromised.

Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin Features & Benefits

Installers love Bray Windshield Film because no heat shrinking is required.

Helps to prevent windshield cracking from minor impact (rocks, pebbles, and other road rash).

Bray Windshield Skin can withstand normal wear and tear but will need to be replaced regularly to maintain ultimate visibility.

Optically Clear
Bray Windshield Skin is optically clear like the windshield on which it is installed.

All windshield films are temporary protection that will need to be replaced periodically.
That is because the film is installed on the outside and is subject to various weather conditions as well as windshield wiper usage.

Important Information

  • Please contact the vehicle manufacturer to verify that the addition of windshield protection does not interfere with any ADAS or onboard systems such as anti-collision, lane departure, auto pilot and others.
  • Please check all local, state, and federal laws regarding the legality of windshield film installation.
  • Windshield protection film is temporary in nature and clarity will diminish over time. Remove the film as soon as visibility is compromised.