Metal Chrome UPPF

UPPF Paint Protection Film Metal Chrome PPF

Want your vehicle to get noticed and stand out from the crowd? Look no further than UPPF Metal Chrome Paint Protection Film. Metal Chrome UPPF turns your vehicle’s paint into a visual spectacle of chrome while protecting its paint from road rash. UPPF Metal Chrome is available in multiple colors, not just silver. It is also offered in various shades of gold, bronze, green, red, blue, white, and purple. UPPF can be removed and replaced on a repeated basis to customize the appearance of your car more than once.

Metal Chrome UPPF is currently available in twenty colors.

Aventurine Green UPPF installation
Aventurine Green
Black Phantom Red UPPF installation
Black Phantom Red
Side view of Byron Bay Blue UPPF installation
Byron Bay Blue
Champagne Gold UPPF installation
Champagne Gold
Side view of Chrome Bronze UPPF installation
Chrome Bronze
Side view of Chrome Interstellar Blue UPPF installation
Chrome Interstellar Blue
Side view of Chrome Silver UPPF installation
Chrome Silver
Metallic Blue UPPF installation
Metallic Blue
Chrome Somato Blue UPPF installation
Chrome Somato Blue
Side view of Chrome Steel UPPF installation
Chrome Steel
Front view of Emerald Green UPPF installation
Emerald Green
Side view of England Green UPPF installation
England Green
Mahogany UPPF installation
Side view of Metallic Silver UPPF installation
Metallic Silver
Side view of Mist Blue UPPF installation
Mist Blue
Muriwai White UPPF installed on a car
Muriwai White
Side view of Pearl White UPPF installation
Pearl White
Side view of Rainbow Emerald UPPF installation
Rainbow Emerald
Star Purple UPPF installed on a Porsche
Star Purple
Midnight Purple UPPF installation
Midnight Purple

UPPF Features & Benefits

8 mils thick

6-mil thick urethane + 2-mil thick clear coat and adhesive


Professionally Installed

Customize your
car’s appearance

Conforms to your
vehicle’s sheet metal

Will not bubble, crack,
or turn yellow

10-Year Warranty