Architectural Solutions

Interior Design Solutions is a national solutions provider of value engineered, sustainable, and cleanable architectural products.

Value Engineered | Sustainable Cleanable | Changeable

Modernize and refresh interior and exterior commercial space in a cost-effective way.

Reuse | Repurpose | Reduce Recycle | Refresh | Renew

We provide less expensive alternatives to traditional construction methods by repurposing what you already have.

    IDS helps clients refresh and modernize office space using value-engineered products that are a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction.

    IDS is the exclusive national supplier of Belbien Architectural Finishes and NuovoGlass Finishes.


      Simulate wood, marble, metal, fabric, and other natural and synthetic finishes at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials.

      Belbien is an embossed architectural film that offers the upscale look and feel of 700+ stunning finishes. For over 30 years, Belbien has been a leader in the decorative film market as all design, testing, and manufacturing are conducted in one facility. This centralized manufacturing process allows us to provide the highest quality product at a low price and with short lead times.

      Suitable for flat and curved surfaces such as doors, wall and ceiling panels, millwork, columns, and more.

      Belbien Architectural Finishes
      Simulate etched, frosted, or sandblasted glass for privacy with custom designs at a third of the price.
      Nuovo Glass Finishes
      Create custom patterns, shapes, designs, and colors on glass for privacy, branding, and appearance.
      Clear Printable Film

      We work with our clients to determine the best path forward to modernize existing space in the fastest and most economical way. We also offer clients nationwide turnkey installation services through our network of certified installers.



      Attention Architecture & Design Community

      Need a sample? Need a specification? Ready to specify? We’re here to help.

      All we ask is that you write our name and contact information on the drawings. This way, we can help ensure that your vision for the project is maintained and that the installation is completed by a certified installer to receive any applicable warranty.