Modernize Cruise Ship Interiors with Sustainable IMO Finishes

Belbien Maritime Film Globally Distributed by IDS


Benefits of Belbien and IDS

Cost Savings
Short Lead Times
Easily Installed
Minimal Weight Impact
IMO Certified
Plant Direct Global Supplier

Keeping Up with Marine Design Trends for Cruise Ships

The interior aesthetics of a cruise ship, whether it’s the guest rooms or common areas, consistently stand out as a primary focus in customer reviews. A contemporary, luxurious atmosphere enhances every aspect of the cruise experience, from dining at a midnight buffet and savoring cocktails in a lounge to indulging in retail therapy at the ship’s boutiques. Conversely, outdated or damaged interiors can have a detrimental impact on the overall customer experience and diminish the reputation of the cruise line brand.

Traditional methods of maritime construction and renovation necessitate drydocking vessels and temporarily taking them out of service. Moreover, these methods entail the removal of all old or damaged surfaces, which ultimately end up in landfills.

Enjoy a More Efficient Project with Belbien Maritime Film from IDS

Belbien is an IMO Approved embossed architectural film that offers the upscale look and feel of 700 stunning finishes. Ready to install out of the box featuring an air release adhesive, Belbien can transform flat or curved surfaces such as doors, wall and ceiling panels, millwork, columns, and more. Don’t let budget constraints, long lead times, or construction logistics hold back your vision.

For over 30 years Belbien has been a leader in the decorative film market. All design, testing, and manufacturing are conducted in one facility. This centralized manufacturing process allows us to provide the highest quality product at a low price and short lead time.

As the Belbien international maritime distributor, IDS offers a variety of economical global delivery options. Email for worldwide delivery and plant pickup pricing.


Benefits of Architectural Films & Finishes in Marine Applications


Save Money

The reuse and recovering of existing doors, furniture, partitions, and other fixtures with Belbien Architectural Finishes allow cruise lines to save money when updating ship interiors compared to traditional construction methods. Furthermore, since installation is simple, it can be done during drydock or while at sea.


Go Green

Belbien Architectural Finishes save time and money, but they also help save the environment. That’s because existing fixtures are preserved rather than tossed into a landfill. And no new trees need to be cut down when reusing what’s already in place.


Get Creative

Belbien can be custom printed, pairing the text or design of your choice with one of 600+ patterns. This option is ideal for posting safety regulations, directions, or any other passenger information that needs to be communicated.


Attention Architecture & Design Community

Need a sample? Need a specification? Ready to specify? We’re here to help.

All we ask is that you write our name and contact information on the drawings. This way, we can help ensure that your vision for the project is maintained and that the installation is completed by a certified installer to receive any applicable warranty.