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Keeping Up with Casino Interior Design Trends

There are many moving parts to casino design. From the gaming floor to the adjoining hotel, the convention center to the retail shops, a casino is filled with high foot trafficked areas that experience significant wear and tear. And since the gaming industry is so competitive, a casino needs to update its appearance continually to maintain players and guests.

But how can you close off a part of the casino for modernization using traditional construction methods? When areas such as slot machines or hotel rooms are so crucial to overall operations, doing so can be difficult. It requires a lot of coordination and allows for little margin of error.

Leverage Architectural Films & Finishes in Casino Design

Belbien Architectural Finishes are a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional construction. They allow for quick visual transformations of a casino’s gaming equipment, hotel, convention center, and retail spaces. And because the installation process is quick, closing off revenue-generating areas is rarely required. For example, when giving a slot machine a facelift, there is no need to remove it from the casino floor.

If you need to add privacy to glass shower doors in the casino’s hotel guest rooms, Nuovo Glass Finishes can provide it. By simulating the look of etched glass at a fraction of the price, Nuovo Glass Finishes can bring privacy to any window or door in need. And because it can be custom cut, you can create various shapes and designs to provide the requisite privacy.

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Go Green

Saving existing slot machines, furniture, elevator panels, and other fixtures limits landfill use, thereby having a positive impact on the environment.


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