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Architectural Films & Finishes for Bank Interiors



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Keeping Up with Design Trends for Bank Interiors

The banking industry is always in flux as mergers and acquisitions are commonplace. The usual outcome of a merger or acquisition is that one brand prevails or a new one is formed. Either way, bank interiors are important as existing branches need to follow new brand standards that require a change of colors, materials, and signage.

Traditional changeover methods are time-consuming and costly. Any delay in implementation could cause confusion in the marketplace and ultimately damage a brand’s reputation.

Leverage Architectural Films & Finishes in Bank Interiors

The use of Belbien Architectural Finishes is a cost-effective and easily implemented way to help local bank branches adhere to new brand standards through interior bank design. That’s because existing teller counters, doors, signage, furniture, and other fixtures are preserved. Simply recover them with a new brand-compliant finish (color, pattern, texture, material).

Nuovo Glass Finishes are perfect for offices and conference rooms that need privacy or rebranding after a merger. Available in many flavors, they provide color and frost to create privacy and disperse light.

Areas of Installation

Furniture & Fixtures
Teller Counters

Benefits of Architectural Films & Finishes in Banks


Save Money

Reusing and resurfacing what already exists will save hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions, depending on the number of locations that need to be changed. The dollars add up quickly, and the savings can be reinvested elsewhere.


Go Green

Repurposing existing fixtures — such as teller counters, desks, and signage — saves the environment and future generations to come.


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