Stay Ahead of the Competition

Architectural Films & Finishes for Convenience Stores



Use on Coffee Stations & Checkout Areas
Easily Cleaned & Sanitized
Cost-Effective & Quickly Installed

Keeping Up with Convenience Store Interior Design Trends

The convenience store industry is competitive, and various chains compete for a consumer’s attention by offering a greater choice of locations, products, and ancillary services. Store design also plays into a consumer’s decision-making process of where to shop. Who wants to get their morning coffee every day from the same rundown convenience store?

Leverage Architectural Films & Finishes in Convenience Store Design

C-store fixtures such as deli counters, coffee stations, and checkout areas receive a lot of attention from consumers. These fixtures are not exempt from having to stay ahead of the design curve, and their appearance and condition must be pristine to keep customers coming back.

Resurfacing existing fixtures with Belbien Architectural Finishes keeps them looking fresh and inviting. And because Belbien is easily cleaned with common non-abrasive detergents, fixtures are easily sanitized and disinfected.


Save Money

Using Belbien Architectural Finishes as a turnkey solution, companies can save money by resurfacing existing convenience store fixtures with a new look versus replacing them.


Go Green

Transporting existing store fixtures to the landfill and installing new ones is a major undertaking and disruptive to store operations. Instead, minimize disruption and revenue loss by resurfacing what’s already there with Belbien.


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