Transform light wood into dark. Turn granite into marble.

The possibilities are endless.

Markets for Architectural Films & Finishes

Belbien Architectural Finishes and Nuovo Glass Finishes are value engineered, sustainable, and cleanable architectural solutions for interior and exterior use. They are versatile and appropriate for interior design projects
within multiple market segments.



Belbien is versatile and IMO Certified making it the perfect
architectural finish to update rooms, doors, counters, tables,
common areas, and other nautical fixtures.

High-Quality Materials for Your Interior Design Projects

Belbien Architectural Finishes are available in over 600 patterns and can be installed on most any non-porous
repurposed surface, flat or curved, inside or outside. Interior design projects with Belbien are a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction.

Nuovo Glass Finishes are installed on interior glass to simulate sandblasting or etching. The installation of Nuovo Glass Finishes is a cost-effective alternative to glass replacement.

Both products enable you to repurpose and refresh different substrates for a renewed appearance in your interior design projects. Nuovo Glass Finishes are for glass while Belbien is for glass and everything else that is non-porous and smooth (except drywall).


Attention Architecture & Design Community

Need a sample? Need a specification? Ready to specify? We’re here to help.

All we ask is that you write our name and contact information on the drawings. This way, we can help ensure that your vision for the project is maintained and that the installation is completed by a certified installer to receive any applicable warranty.