Improve Patient Surroundings and the Healing Process

Architectural Films & Finishes for Healthcare Interior Design



Improve Patient Experience
Easily Sanitized & Disinfected
Quickly Installed with Minimal Disruption

Keeping Up with Interior Design Trends in Healthcare

The ultimate goal of a healthcare facility is to heal the sick. Studies show a patient’s physical surroundings affect their recovery. As such, healthcare interior design can become just as important as the more obvious factors that contribute to medical care.

As design trends change, so should the four walls of a healthcare facility and everything within them. Patient rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, waiting areas, and nurses’ stations experience wear and tear. And when enough time passes, they become dated and out of style. However, the rehabilitation of such areas through traditional construction can be cost-prohibitive and disruptive to operations.

Leverage Architectural Films & Finishes in Healthcare Interior Design

Belbien Architectural Finishes is a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. Existing furniture, fixtures, patient headboards, tables, counters, and cabinets can be repurposed and given a new look in a quick and quiet fashion. When physical surroundings are improved, the morale of patients and personnel is likely to improve as well, helping a healthcare facility achieve its ultimate goal.

If you’re looking to create privacy in glass offices or conference rooms as part of your healthcare interior design project, consider Nuovo Glass Finishes. These finishes allow you to simulate the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass without the associated limitations of cost, time, and maintenance.

Areas of Installation

Waiting Rooms
Furniture & Fixtures

Benefits of Architectural Films & Finishes in Healthcare Facilities


Save Money

Belbien is more cost-effective than traditional rehab construction. The money saved can be put toward lifesaving measures, such as new personnel, equipment, and research.


Go Green

Healthcare facilities not only heal patients, but they can also heal the environment. The repurposing of existing fixtures means less in the landfill and more for the sustainability of the planet.


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